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Workshop: The Future of Digital Music Research?

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Queen Mary, University of London
Monday 22 December 2003

Following the very successful Launch Day held in December 2002, the Digital Music Research Network held a free one-day workshop on "The Future of Digital Music Research?", at Queen Mary, University of London. This workshop, attended by 40 delegates from around the UK, will contribute towards the Research Roadmap for digital music that the Network is developing.

Slides & Summaries Available

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Research in Digital Music involves a very wide range of expertise, including digital signal processing, music technology, physical modelling, pattern recognition, musicology, information retrieval, acoustics, communication theory, and psychology. Researchers work in a wide range of backgrounds, from electronic engineering and computer science to information science and music. It can be difficult for any one individual to keep up to date with such a wide range of research, while still having time to undertake research of their own!

In this workshop, we intend to bring people together to explore the state of the art across digital music research as a whole, and to suggest possible important research directions for the future. It is possible that the the discussions, either in the formal sessions or over lunch and coffee, will lead to the emergence of important problems to be tackled: a set of "challenges" for future research in digital music.

The presentations and discussions will form part of the work of the DMRN Roadmap, and will be made available via the web to anyone who was not able to attend.

Speakers Include:

  • Xavier Serra (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona)
  • Tim Brookes (Inst of Sound Recording, Univ of Surrey)
  • Ambrose Field (Dept of Music, University of York)
  • Geraint Wiggints (Centre for Computational Creativity, City University, London)

Call for "Vision" Presentations [closed]

We would like to encourage proposals for "Vision" presentations for the morning of the Workshop. These should cover the state of the art in your chosen area, and look ahead a little towards emerging or possible future research. You may want to end with some challenges for researchers in your area.

These presentations will of necessity be fairly short (30 minutes max) and should be accessible to an audience with a wide range of backgrounds in digital music research.

To propose a vision presentation, please email with

  1. a paragraph describing the area of your proposed presentation, and
  2. a biography or brief CV outlining your expertise


Registration is free, but you must register before the event (so that we can plan for catering and room availability).

Please register as soon as possible, and by Thursday 11 December 2003 so we can organize catering etc.

Travel Support for Young Researchers

Travel support to attend the workshop is available to young reseachers. You must apply at least one week before the event. For details and application forms, see Funding: Travel Support for Young Researchers.


Posters will be on display describing with work of groups within the Network.

In addition, there will be some space for PhD students and other young researchers to present a poster describing their research. If you are interested in presenting a poster, please email for more information.

Outline Programme

The workshop begins at 11:00 to allow travel to and from the workshop in one day for as many people as possible. Details of events are provisional, and subject to change at this stage.

10:30 Coffee and Registration
11:00 Welcome
11:05 Introduction to the Roadmap
11:15 Morning Session: Personal Visions.
11:15 Xavier Serra (UPF, Barcelona)
Present and Future of Computer Music Research: A Personal View
[Presentation Slides]
12:00 Tim Brookes (Inst of Sound Recording, Univ of Surrey)
The Psychoacoustics of Sound Recording
[Presentation Slides]
12:20 Ambrose Field (Dept of Music, University of York)
Composing with Technology: Challenges & Opportunities ahead
[Presentation Slides]
12:40 Geraint Wiggints (Centre for Computational Creativity, City University, London)
All in the mind?
13:00 Buffet Lunch, Networking, Posters
14:00 Intro to Special Interest Group discussions
14:15 Special Interest Groups discussions
15:15 Coffee & Tea
15:35 Group Summaries and Panel Discussion
[Group Summaries]
16:15 Round up
16:30 Close

Travel Directions

The Workshop will take place at: The People's Palace, Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS.

You might also like to try Transport for London's JourneyPlanner, to one of

  1. Location Type: Place of Interest
    Location Name: Queen Mary (University of London)
  2. Location Type: Station or Stop
    Location Name: Mile End OR Stepney Green

Tips: There are other "Queen Mary"s in London, and other campuses, so use this wording to make sure you end up at the correct place. Both Mile End and Stepney Green stations are within walking distance. The People's Palace is on the Mile End Road.