Digital Music Research Network

Digital Music Research Network

EPSRC Network GR/R64810/01

Funded by
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Mailing Lists

DMRN-LIST  Network List  - Email list for the Digital Music Research Network.

Other email lists

AUDITORY - A mailing list for the discussion of organizational aspects of auditory perception. Created in 1992 by Professor Albert S Bregman (McGill University Department of Psychology). Includes an archive of postings since the creation of the list, and other related information and links.

MUSIC-DSP - focus on the sharing of music/sound related DSP (digital signal processing) strategies, techniques, code, etc. It may be of interest to anyone working with sound and computers, especially those involved in developing their own software or building custom hardware.

Music-IR - Discussion of issues in theoretical and applied research and development in Music Information Retrieval, related announcements, etc.