Digital Music Research Network

Digital Music Research Network

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Research Roadmap

The Research Roadmap will be developed to help future research planning, through assessment of the current state of the art and possible future research directions and developments.


The roadmap will initially be developed by a panel of experts from the network, each specialising in a particular topic area, with a panel chair responsible for binding the roadmap together with a broader overview. Contributors to the roadmap will benefit by being clearly identified as domain experts. The development will be informed by a discussion session at an early Workshop.

The Roadmap will be an evolving document: it will never be expected to be "finished", but instead will represent a view at a particular point in time. After its initial release, it will be open to comment from a wider community. In addition to a printed document, the Roadmap will be published on the web site, interlinked with topic-based information to improve its accessibility and visibility.

The Roadmap will be of use to various communities, to help the field to develop in anticipation of normal "market forces" in either industry or academic research. It will help funding agencies to determine future funding priorities; potential users of the technology will see where it could help them in the future; established academics will see what new techniques are opening up outside of their own area; and potential students and research workers entering the area will see what future expertise is likely to be required in the area.