Digital Music Research Network

Digital Music Research Network

EPSRC Network GR/R64810/01

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Software Tools & Libraries

CLAM: C++ Library for Audio and Music (Music Technology Group, UFP) - aiming to offer a complete, flexible and platform independent Sound Analysis/Synthesis C++ platform.

Frank Kurth's Matlab-MIDI Tools - a small toolbox of utilities for handling standard MIDI files (SMFs) under Matlab.

MelodyTranscriptionLibrary: a C/C++ library for melody transcription, including a demo.
From the MAMI: Musical Audio-Mining "Query by Humming" project, Ghent University, Belgium.

MPEG-4 Structured Audio: Developer Tools (John Lazzaro and John Wawrzynek, CS Division, UC Berkeley)
MPEG-4 Structured Audio (MP4-SA) is an ISO/IEC standard that specifies sound not as sampled data, but as a computer program that generates audio when run.

MPEG-7 Software and Resources (Michael Casey, City Univesity, London)
Including: JAVA MPEG-7 Extractor, Matlab eXperimental Model Reference Software, MPEG-7 Conformance Examples / Matlab Scripts, MPEG-7 Audio LLD Tutorial, MPEG-7 Schema, and data files.

SPIRAL: Automatic Generation of Platform-Adapted Code for DSP Algorithms
The goal of SPIRAL is to automate the process of implementation, optimization and platform adaptation of DSP algorithms. SPIRAL is sponsored by DARPA and includes research groups from Carnegie Mellon University, Drexel University, University of Southern California, University of Illinois, and MathStar Inc. in Minneapolis.

SMS: Spectral Modelling Synthesis - a set of techniques and software implementations for the analysis, transformation and synthesis of musical sounds. The aim of this work is to get general and musically meaningful sound representations based on analysis, from which musical parameters might be manipulated while maintaining high quality sound.

TAPESTREA : Techniques And Paradigms for Expressive Synthesis, Transformation and Rendering of Environmental Audio
TAPESTREA (or taps) is a unified framework for analyzing, transforming, and synthesizing complex environmental sounds. Given one or more recordings, it provides well-defined means to: (1) identify points of interest in the sound and extract them into reusable templates, (2) transform sound components independently of the background and/or other events, (3) continually resynthesize the background texture in a perceptually convincing manner, (4) controllably place event templates over backgrounds, using a novel graphical user interface and/or ChucK scripts, and (5) leverage similarity based retrieval to locate other interesting sound components. Taps makes it possible to completely transform a sound scene, dynamically generate sound scenes of unlimited length, and construct new scenes or compositions by combining elements from different recordings.

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Software Products

AKoff Music Composer - Wav to midi music recognition software. Composer recognizes POLYPHONIC music from microphone (other Wave input or file) and converts it into Midi sequences.

AmazingMIDI: WAV to MIDI converter for music transcription - AmazingMIDI automatically transcribes music, converting WAV files into MIDI files, and can recognize single-instrument polyphonic music.

Intelliscore wav to midi converter from IMSysInc - The Intelliscore wav to mid converter from Innovative Music Systems, Inc. listens to polyphonic music and helps figure out the notes, chord names, and key for you. IntelliScore comes in two editions: standard and polyphonic.

LilyPond - Open source music typesetting software.

Pfs-System - The Pfs System (Pitch Fourier Sequenzer) Franz Straessler is a polyphonic pitch recognition software. Pitch events are saved in a Midi Standard File. With the spectrum comparator it is possible to analyze noise (for instance:drums,..) not only harmonic signals.

"WIDI" WAV2MIDI MP3 Music Recognition System - Aims to create a software package able to recognize and transform music pieces of any level of complexity.