Digital Music Research Network

Digital Music Research Network

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Other Web Directories

ACM SIGSound: WWW Pages Relating to Sound Computation - Includes DSP, Hyper Audio, Auditory Research, Computer Music, Sonification & Virtual Environments, Publications, Speech, Organizations, Courses of Study in Sound Computation, Lists of other sound-related resources, and Sound-related individual home pages.

Converting audio to MIDI - Information and links from Gerd Castan. Part of his Music Notation Links.

Resources for Music and Science - The resources provided on this website are maintained in collaboration with the Music and Science Group of the University of London's Institute of Musical Research.

Signal Processing Information Base (SPIB) - a project sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society and the US National Science Foundation. SPIB contains information repositories of data, newsgroups, bibliographies, links to other repositories, and addresses, all of which are relevant to signal processing research and development.

Worldwide Internet Music Resources, School of Music, Indiana University - Internet Music Resources from the William and Gayle Cook Music Library. Including: Individual Musicians and Popular Groups, Composers and Composition, Groups and Ensembles (Except Popular), Other Sites Related to Performance, Genres and Types of Music, Research and Study, Journals and Magazines, The Commercial World of Music, General and Miscellaneous.