Digital Music Research Network

Digital Music Research Network

EPSRC Network GR/R64810/01

Funded by
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

About the Network

There is a growing demand for new technology for creation, coding, distribution and delivery of musical audio, and there is a tremendous opportunity for new research in music technology. More inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams will be needed if this research is to be successful.

Recent years have seen sharp growth in interest in the use of information technology for music. A number of interdisciplinary collaborative groupings have been formed within UK universities over the last couple of years to link together departments of Music, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

The aim of this EPSRC Network is to enhance UK research in the Musical Signal Processing community through improved communication and collaboration between the members of this community, and with related groups both in UK industry and internationally. This Network will primarily be concerned with analysis, transmission, storage, generation and other processing of musical signals.

The specific objectives of the Network are:

  • To improve communication between Network members, so that members are kept up to date with relevant research activity both within the UK and internationally
  • To develop a research roadmap for musical signal processing and its research applications, to assess the current state of the art and assess likely future research directions
  • To assist in training and development of new researchers in this area
  • To disseminate the research activity in the Network to potential beneficiaries and external collaborators such as industry and international groups
  • To develop and implement an exit strategy to maintain the activity of the Network following completion of the 3-year EPSRC funding.

The activities of the Network will include: workshops and meetings, visits to conferences and other laboratories (particularly for younger researchers), and electronic communication such as email and a web site. An important Network activity will be the production of a "Research Roadmap" to help future research planning and inform funding bodies on the state of the art and future opportunities.


Dr Mark Plumbley
Prof Mark Sandler
Dr Mike Davies


Queen Mary, University of London (coordinator)
City University, London
University of Cambridge
University of Glasgow
University of Sheffield
University of Surrey
University of York