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Digital Music Research Network

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Photos of the Launch Day
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Launch Day

Queen Mary, University of London
17 Dec 2002

The Digital Music Research Network celebrated its launch with a one-day event on 17th December 2002, at the People's Palace, Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS.

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  • The event was a great success, with over 80 people attending. A report about the Launch Day will appear on this site early in 2003.
  • Photos of the launch day
  • Slides of the talks

Travel Funding for Young Researchers

Some travel funding was available for PhD students and other young researchers based in the UK. To apply, complete the Application for Travel Support (available in Word, PDF, or Text) and return as soon as possible.

Priority for travel funding will be given to research students and other researchers under the age of 30 who apply in advance, and who will be prepared to present a poster about their work (space permitting).


Posters will be on display describing with work of groups within the Network.

In addition, there will be some space for PhD students and other young researchers to present a poster describing their research. If you are interested in presenting a poster, please email for more information.

We have Instructions for Poster Presenters which tells you the size of poster boards and poster times.


10:30 Coffee and Registration
11:00 Welcome
Mark Plumbley (Queen Mary, Univ of London)
11:10 Gestural Control of Digital Sound Synthesis
Daniel Arfib (CNRS-LMA, Marseille)
11:50 Introducing the Digital Music Research Network
Mark Plumbley
12:00 Spotlight on Founding Partners
Cambridge Univ; City Univ; Glasgow Univ; Queen Mary; Sheffield Univ; Surrey Univ; York Univ
12:45 Buffet Lunch, Networking
(Posters describing current research in the Network will be on display)
13:45 Extracting and Exploiting High-level Music Descriptors for Electronic Music Distribution
Francois Pachet (Head of Music Team, Sony CSL, Paris)
14:25 Challenges and Opportunities for Music Technology in Higher Education
Carola Boehm, Nick Bailey (Univ of Glasgow)
14:50 Digital Music in the 21st Century
Mark Sandler (Queen Mary, Univ of London)
15:15 Panel Discussion
15:40 Round up
15:45 Coffee, Networking, Posters
16:30 Close
[Area will remain open until 5pm]


Travel Directions

We have directions to the campus, and a map showing the venue.

You might also like to try TfL's JourneyPlanner, to one of

  1. Location Type: Place of Interest
    Location Name: Queen Mary (University of London)
  2. Location Type: Station or Stop
    Location Name: Mile End OR Stepney Green

Tips: There are other "Queen Mary"s in London, and other campuses, so use this wording to make sure you end up at the correct place. Both Mile End and Stepney Green stations are within walking distance. The People's Palace is on the Mile End Road (see map).


Event co-sponsored by IEE Signal Processing Professional Network