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Software & data

Software & Code

The most widely-used software tools from C4DM are Sonic Visualiser, aubio, and Tony.

A large part of our research is converted into Vamp plugins, which are compatible with Sonic Visualiser and Audacity across several operating systems.

Other C4DM software is available on and our previous download page.

We also run the SoundSoftware code repository which hosts software projects for audio and music researchers.

Finally, we maintain a C4DM group in GitHub, hosting public-facing code releases from the group.


Our C4DM Zenodo community page hosts public datasets created as part of our research.

The C4DM Research Data Repository hosts datasets created between 2010-2015.

Several C4DM datasets are also available on .

Study Resources for Digital Music

The QMUL Library maintains a Subject Guide for Digital Music, covering sections on Websites for digital study of music, Software, and Professional organisations/socities on digital music.

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