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Source separation for live sound

Crosstalk, bleed and interference reduction techniques

Alice Clifford, Elias Kokkinis and Christian Uhle

This project investigates the reduction of crosstalk between sources in live sound. We focus on live musical applications.

When multiple microphones are used to reproduce multiple sources microphone interference, or bleed, can occur due to each microphone picking up more than one source. This microphone leakage is one of the most prevalent problems in audio applications involving multiple instruments and microphones. Currently, sound engineers have
limited solutions available to them. We have proposed several techniques to suppress the interference, while making little change to the target signal.

The performance of our methods have been examined for environments with various source-microphone setups and it has been shown shown that the proposed approaches efficiently suppress leakage with minimal artifacts.

Demonstration videos




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see also

Alice Clifford and Josh Reiss, ”Calculating time delays of multiple active sources in live sound," 129th AES Convention, San Francisco 2010