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Current Research Funding

RUDIMENTS: Reflective Understanding of Digital Instruments as Musical Entanglements
Prof Andrew McPherson (PI)
ERC Consolidator Grant / UKRI Research Grant EP/X023478/1, £1,723,185, 2022-2027.

Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Data Centric Engineering
Prof Eram Rizvi (PI), Prof Mark Sandler (CI), Prof Nick Bryan-Kinns (CI)
EPSRC Training Grant EP/V519935/1, £1,629,373, 2020-2028.

Music and Disability: Deconstructing the barriers to full participation
Dr Victoria Kinsella (PI, BCU), Prof Andrew McPherson (CI, QMUL),
AHRC Grant AH/W010429/1, £29,812, 2022–2024.

Bridging the Gap - visually impaired and sighted music producers working side by side
Prof Franziska Schroeder (PI, QUB), Prof Andrew McPherson (CI, QMUL),
AHRC Grant AH/V011340/1, £576,879, 2021–2024.

Deep learning technologies for multi-instrument automatic music transcription
Dr Emmanouil Benetos (PI), Prof Simon Dixon (CI),
Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf, £252,000, 2022–2023.

Bela / Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellow in Embedded Music Computing
Dr Andrew McPherson (PI)
RAEng Senior Research Fellowship, £208,776, 2021-2026.

Designing new musical technologies for older adults' wellbeing
Dr Jennifer MacRitchie (PI, Sheffield), Dr Andrew McPherson (CI), and 2 others
UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship, £946,672 (total), £24,879 (QMUL), 2021-2025.

Smart Channel Strip using Neural Audio Processing
Dr George Fazekas (PI)
AIM CDT PhD studentship, £109,649 (contribution from Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH), 2021-2025.

Industry-scale machine listening for music and audio data
Prof Simon Dixon (PI)
AIM CDT PhD studentship, £108,000 (contribution from Spotify Ltd), 2020-2024.

Perceptual end to end learning for music understanding
Dr George Fazekas (PI)
AIM CDT PhD studentship, £27,000 (contribution from MUSIC Tribe Brands UK Limited), 2019-2023.

Deep learning and multi-modal models for the music industry
Dr George Fazekas (PI)
AIM CDT PhD studentship, £54,000 (contribution from Universal Music Group), 2019-2023.

Optical music recognition using deep learning
Dr George Fazekas (PI)
AIM CDT PhD studentship, £109,649 (contribution from Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH), 2019-2023.

Seeing Music: An interactive digital exhibit on sensory variation and the cross-sensory experience of music
Dr Charalampos Saitis (PI), Dr Christine Cuskley (Newcastle, CI)
QMUL Centre for Public Engagement Large Grant, £9,783, 2021-2022.

New Directions in Digital Jazz Studies: Music Information Retrieval and AI Support for Jazz Scholarship in Digital Archives
Dr Tillman Weyde (City, PI), Prof Simon Dixon (CI), plus two others
AHRC grant AH/V009699/1, £50,845 (QMUL), £202,566 (total), 2021-2023.

GraphNEx: Graph Neural Networks for Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Prof Andrea Cavallaro (QMUL PI), Dr Emmanouil Benetos (CI)
CHIST-ERA / EPSRC grant EP/V062107/1, £293,434, 2021-2024.

Unsupervised detection of sound events for complex audio
Dr Emmanouil Benetos (PI), Dr Yanxiong Li (SCUT, CI)
Royal Society International Exchanges grant IEC\NSFC\201382, £3,800, 2021-2023.

Centre for Doctoral Training in Data-informed Audience-centric Media Engineering (DAME)
Prof Mark Sandler (PI), Prof Andrea Cavallaro (CI), Prof Pat Healy (CI), Dr Gareth Tyson (CI), and Dr Charalampos Saitis (CI)
£177,000 (standard stipend) + £27,000 (contribution from BBC), 2021-2024.

JADE: Joint Academic Data science Endeavour - 2
Wesley Gavin Armour (PI, Oxford), Prof Mark Sandler (CI, QMUL), plus 24 others
EPSRC Grant EP/T022205/1, £5,539,933, 2020–2023.

Metaphors we listen with: the neural correlates of timbral brightness investigated by pitch-timbre interference and fMRI
Dr Charalampos Saitis (PI), Dr Zachary Wallmark (CI, University of Oregon, US)
British Academy, BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants scheme, SRG1920\101673, £10,000, 2020–2022.

Perceptual Aspects of Broadcast Audio Mixing for the Hearing Impaired
Prof Josh Reiss (PI)
ICASE PhD studentship 2161145, £83,300 (standard stipend) + £27,600 (contribution from BBC), 2019-22

UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Artificial Intelligence and Music (AIM)
Prof Simon Dixon (PI), Dr Mathieu Barthet (CI), Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns (CI), Dr Gyorgy Fazekas (CI), Prof Mark Sandler (CI), Dr Andrew McPherson (CI), Dr Emmanouil Benetos (CI)
EPSRC Grant EP/S022694/1, £6,240,207, 2019-2027.

Music Data Science for Music Recommendation and Discovery
Prof Mark Sandler (PI)
ICASE PhD studentship, £83,300 (standard stipend) + £27,600 (contribution from BBC R&D), 2018-2022

New Frontiers in Music Information Processing (MIP-Frontiers)
Prof Simon Dixon (PI, coordinator), Prof Mark Sandler (CI), Dr Emmanouil Benetos (CI), plus 6 other partners
H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network, Grant No. 765068, €3,937,088 (total), €819,863 (QMUL), 2018-2022

EPSRC and AHRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Media and Arts Technology
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns (PI) and others (McPherson, Barthet, Shoop).
EPSRC Grant EP/L01632X/1, £3,697,357, 2014-22.

Recent Research Funding

A Study of Multimodal Guitar Augmentation for Gestural Expressivity
Dr Andrew McPherson (PI)
NERC grant NE/T014342/1, £10,997, 2020-2021.

Intelligent Tools for Drum Loop Library Searching
Prof Mark Sandler (PI)
ICASE PhD studentship 2123709, £83,300 (standard stipend) + £27,600 (contribution from ROLI Ltd), 2017-21

Machine Learning for Bird Song Learning
Dr Rob Lachlan (PI), Dr David Clayton (CI), Dr Dan Stowell (CI)
BBSRC Grant BB/R008736/1, £658,588, 2018-2021

Data-driven quality prediction for digitally restored audio archives
Dr Andrew Hines (PI, UCD), Dr Emmanouil Benetos (CI)
Science Foundation Ireland, Insight-SFI PhD Recruitment Scheme, €166,544, 2018-2021.

Development of next generation music recognition algorithm for content monitoring
Prof Simon Dixon (PI), Dr Emmanouil Benetos (CI)
Innovate UK grant 105516, £148,038 (QMUL), 2019-2021.

Timbre-Colour Associations: from Artistic Expression to Listener Perception
Dr Charalampos Saitis (PI)
QMUL Centre for Public Engagement Small Grant, £992, 2020-2021.

HookSlam: Making Hits with AI
Prof Josh Reiss (PI) and Prof Simon Dixon (CI)
Innovate UK grant 43427, £74,710 (QMUL), 2020-2021.

Understanding how music empowers sustainable development goals
Dr George Fazekas (PI)
QMUL Global Engagement Research Initiation Scheme, £1,000, 2020-21.

Solar nowcasting with machine vision
Dr Dan Stowell (PI), plus others
Alan Turing Institute Climate Action Pilot Project, R-SPES-115, £50,000, 2019-2020.

Digital Platforms for Craft in the UK and China
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns (PI)
AHRC grant AH/S003401/1, £193,050, 2018-2020.

Design for Virtuosity: Modelling and Supporting Expertise in Digital Musical Interaction
Dr Andrew McPherson
EPSRC Fellowship EP/N005112/1, £897,686, 2016-2020.

A Machine Learning Framework for Audio Analysis and Retrieval
Dr Emmanouil Benetos
RAEng Research Fellowship RF/128, £505,588, 2015-2020

Dig that lick: Analysing large-scale data for melodic patterns in jazz performances
Dr Simon Dixon (PI, QMUL) and 3 others (in France, Germany, USA).
Digging into Data Challenge - ESRC Grant ES/R004005/1, £132,775 (QMUL), 2017-2019.

Machine learning to analyse acoustic bird monitoring data
Dr Dan Stowell (Host PI), Akash Jaiswal (Visiting Research Student).
Newton-Bhabha Fund PhD Placement, £4,080, 2019.

AI for Music in the Creative Industries of China and the UK
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns (PI), Dr George Fazekas (CI)
AHRC grant AH/T001259/1, £20,970, 2019.

Augmented Live music performance using Immersive Visualisation and Emotion (ALIVEmusic)
Dr Mathieu Barthet (PI)
Innovate UK grant 133749, £22,241 (QMUL), £59,340 (total), 2018-2019.

High-Performance Embedded Computing for Makers and Artists
Liam Donovan
RAEng Enterprise Fellowship, £60,000, 2018-2019.

Fusing Semantic and Audio Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption (FAST-IMPACt)
Prof Mark Sandler (PI), Prof Geraint Wiggins, Prof Steve Benford (Nottingham), and Prof David De Roure (Oxford)
EPSRC Programme Grant EP/L019981/1, £5,199,944, 2014-2019

Audio Commons: An Ecosystem for Creative Reuse of Audio Content
Dr George Fazekas (PI, QMUL), Dr Mathieu Barthet (CI, QMUL), Prof Mark Sandler (CI, QMUL)
Coordinator: UPF (Spain); Participants: Surrey (UK), Jamendo (Luxemburg), Audiogaming (France), Waves Audio (Israel)
EU Project H2020-ICT-2015 688382, €2.9m total, €676,852 to Queen Mary, 2016-2019

JADE: Joint Academic Data science Endeavour
Prof Mike Giles (PI, Oxford), Prof Mark Sandler (CI, QMUL) and 10 others.
EPSRC Grant EP/P020275/1, £3,000,000 (total), 2016-2019.

Enabling Accessible, High-Performance Digital Crafts for Makers and Artists
Dr Rebecca Stewart (PI)
Innovate UK grant 133535, £29,723 (QMUL), £78,703 (total), 2018-2019.

A self-contained wearable Internet-of-Things System for Precision Livestock Agriculture
Dr Yue Gao (PI), Dr Rebecca Stewart, Dr Alan McElligott (Roehampton) plus 4 partners
Newton Fund (InnovateUK/BBSRC), £1,600,000, 2017-2019

Integrating sound and context recognition for acoustic scene analysis
Dr Emmanouil Benetos (PI)
EPSRC Grant EP/R01891X/1, £97,839, 2018-2019
Dr Helen L. Bear (PI)
QMUL-EPSRC Flexible Innovation Starter Award, £4,717, 2018-19

Towards the Internet of Musical Things - An ecosystem of interoperable devices connecting performers and audiences (IoMUT)
Luca Turchet, Mathieu Barthet (Host PI), Andrew McPherson (Co-I)
Marie Slodowska-Curie Action Individual Fellowship, €183,455, 2017-2019

Structured machine listening for soundscapes with multiple birds
Dr Dan Stowell
EPSRC Early Career Fellowship EP/L020505/1, £506,361, 2014-2019.

Engaging three user communities with applications and outcomes of computational music creativity
Dr Bob Sturm (PI) and Dr Oded Ben-Tal (CI, Kingston)
AHRC Grant AH/R004706/1, £70,990, 2017-2018

Musical Audio Repurposing using Source Separation
Prof Mark Plumbley (PI, Surrey), Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns, Dr Josh Reiss, Dr Panos Kudumakis, Dr Simon Dixon, Prof Mark Sandler, and 5 others (Surrey)
EPSRC Grant EP/L027119/2, £856,793, 2015-2018

Autonomous System for Sound Integration and GeneratioN (ASSIGN)
Dr Josh Reiss (PI)
EPSRC Grant EP/R005435/1, £116,428, 2017-2018.

Doctoral Training Centre in Digital Music and Media for the Creative Economy [Media and Arts Technology]
Prof Mark Sandler, Prof Pat Healey, Prof Mark Plumbley, and others.
EPSRC Grant EP/G03723X/1, £5,955,467, 2009-2017.

Platform Grant: Digital Music
Prof Mark Plumbley (PI) and others (Bryan-Kinns, Chew, Dixon, Healey, Kudumakis, Pearce, Purver, Reiss, Sandler, Stockman, Wiggins).
EPSRC Grant EP/K009559/1, £1,161,334, 2013-18.

DaCaRyH (Data science for the study of calypso-rhythm through history)
Dr Bob Sturm (PI) and Dr Oded Ben-Tal (CI, Kingston)
AHRC Grant AH/N504531/1, £79,934, 2016-2017

Automatic transcription of polyphonic music recordings
Dr Emmanouil Benetos (PI) and Dr Rodrigo Schramm (CI, UFRGS, Brazil)
RAEng / Newton Research Collaboration Programme award NRCP1617/5/46, £23,759, 2016-2017

MorpheuS: Hybrid Machine Learning-Optimization Techniques to Generate Structured Music through Morphing and Fusion
Elaine Chew (Host PI), Dorien Herremans
Marie Slodowska-Curie Action Postdoctoral Fellowship, €183,455, 2015-2017

Connected Seeds and Sensors: supporting sustainable food-growing in the city
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns (PI), Dr Hamed Haddadi and Ms Sara Heitlinger.
EPSRC Grant EP/L023504/1, £257,878, 2015-2017.

Dr Simon Dixon (PI) and Dr Emmanouil Benetos (CI)
DoReMIR Music Research AB, £77,445, 2015-2016

Digital Economy IT as a Utility Network+
Prof Mark Sandler (CI) at Queen Mary, plus 4 other partners.
EPSRC Grant EP/K003569/1, £1,480,940, 2012-2016

Creativeworks London
Prof Mark Plumbley, Prof Mark Sandler and Prof Pat Healey (CIs), plus 26 other partners.
AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hub for the Creative Economy, AH/J005142/1, £3,999,848, 2012-2016

Computational Music Structure Analysis
Meinard Mueller (PI, Audiolabs-Erlangen), Juan Bello (NYU), Elaine Chew
Dagstuhl Seminar, local expenditures for 30 participants, 2016.

Informed Transcription of Note Strengths from an Audio Recording Note-level, Probabilistic Transcription of Sung Melody
Elaine Chew (C4DM Partner)
Yamaha Corporation Japan Internships, ¥1,076,000, 2015

International Conference on Mathematics and Computation in Music
Elaine Chew (PI), Oscar Bandtlow
Institute of Musical Research, £500, 2015.

International Conference on Mathematics and Computation in Music
Oscar Bandtlow (PI), Elaine Chew
London Mathematical Society Financial Support for Conferences—Scheme I Grant, £4,000, 2014-2015.

Music Similarity: Concepts, Cognition, and Computation
Anja Volk (PI, U. Utrecht), Elaine Chew, Elizabeth Margulis (U. Arkansas), Christina Anagnostopoulou (N&K U. Athens)
Lorentz Center Workshop, €7,700, 2014-2015.

Mathemusical Conversations: Mathematics and Computation in Music Performance and Composition
Elaine Chew (Organizer), Bernard Lanskey (NUS), Gerard Assayag (Ircam), Craig De Wilde (NUS)
National University of Singapore, various sources, total approx. SG$100,000, 2013-2015.

New Technologies for Piano Learning
Elaine Chew (C4DM Partner)
EPSRC PhD Case Studentship with Yamaha R&D London, £15,600, 2012-2015.

Audio Data Exploration: New Insights and Value
Dr Simon Dixon (PI) and Prof Mark Plumbley (PI, Surrey)
EPSRC Grant EP/M507088/1, £77,443, 2014-2015

Semantic Media: a new paradigm for navigable content for the 21st Century
Prof Mark Sandler and Dr Panos Kudumakis
EPSRC Grant EP/J010375/1, £572,750, 2012-2015

Multisource audio-visual production from user-generated content
Prof Andrea Cavallaro (PI) and Dr Josh Reiss.
EPSRC Grant EP/K007491/1, £362,889, 2013-2015.

Design Patterns for Inclusive Collaboration (DePIC)
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns (PI), Dr Tony Stockman, Prof Paul Curzon with Dr Michael Proulx (Bath) and Prof Atau Tanaka (Goldsmiths).
EPSRC Grants EP/J017205/1 & EP/J018120/1, £917,988 (£787,237 to QMUL), 2012-2015.

CoSound: A Cognitive Systems Approach to Enriched and Actionable Information from Audio Streams
Prof Mark Plumbley and Dr Josh Reiss at Queen Mary, plus 13 other partners, led by Dr Jan Larsen, DTU (Denmark)
Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, CSR grant 11-115328, DKK17.5M, £69,460 to Queen Mary, 2012-2015 [Announcement]

Software Systems for Computer-Aided Music Understanding
Dr Matthias Mauch
RAEng/EPSRC Research Fellowship 10216/108, £433,893, 2012-2015

Digital Music Lab - Analysing Big Music Data
Dr Tillman Weyde (City University London, PI) plus CIs at QMUL (Plumbley, Dixon) and 5 others (at City University London, University College London, The British Library).
AHRC Grant AH/L01016X/1, £560,000 (QMUL component £153,093), 2014-15.

Hackable Instruments: Musical Interface Design for Appropriation, Modification and Creative Destruction
Dr Andrew McPherson
EPSRC Grant EP/K032046/1
£97,982, 2013-14. (Sustainable Software for Digital Music and Audio Research)
Prof Mark Plumbley, Prof Mark Sandler, Dr Josh Reiss, Dr Simon Dixon, Dr Panos Kudumakis, Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns, Chris Cannam
EPSRC Grant EP/H043101/1, £947,057, 2010-2014

Intelligent Interactive Musical Performance Systems
Dr Andrew Robertson
RAEng/EPSRC Research Fellowship, £426,000, 2009-2014.

Machine Listening using Sparse Representations
Prof Mark Plumbley
EPSRC Leadership Fellowship EP/G007144/1, £1,236,776, 2008-2013.

Making Musical Mood Metadata (M4)
Prof Mark Sandler, Prof Mark Plumbley, Dr Simon Dixon and Dr Panos Kudumakis at Queen Mary
Partners: BBC, I Like Music
TSB Metadata Production Tools Mainstream 12033-76187 (TS/J002283/1), £144,897 to Queen Mary, 2011-2013

MIReS: Roadmap for Music Information ReSearch
Dr Simon Dixon and Prof Mark Sandler at Queen Mary
Partners: UPF (Barcelona), BMAT (Barcelona), OFAI (Vienna), IRCAM (Paris), INESC (Porto), Stromatalite (London)
EU Project FP7-ICT-287711, £60,495 to Queen Mary, 2011-2013

Adaptive Computational Interfaces for Creative Musical Expression
Dr Andrew McPherson
Royal Society grant RG110587 £14,400, 2012-2013

Automatic music production system
Dr Josh Reiss
RAEng Engineering Enterprise Fellowship, £84,927, 2012-2013

Sandpit: SerenA - Chance Encounters in the Space of Ideas
Prof Geraint Wiggins (CI), plus 5 other partners.
EPSRC Grant EP/H042741/1, £1,538,295, 2010-2013

Robust Incremental Semantic Resources for Dialogue (RISER)
Dr Matt Purver
EPSRC Grant EP/J010383/1, £96,230, 2012-2013

Measuring and Enhancing Expressive Performance with Digital Musical Instruments: Pilot Study and Research Workshop
Dr Andrew McPherson and Prof Elaine Chew at Queen Mary, with Prof Daniel Leech-Wilkinson at KCL.
AHRC Digital Transformations in Arts and Humanities grant AH/J013145/1, £30,000, 2012

Sustainable Management of Digital Music Research Data
Dr Simon Dixon, Chris Cannam, Prof Mark Plumbley
JISC Managing Research Data Programme 2011-13, DIINNAA, £70,922, 2011-2012

Information and Neural Dynamics in the Perception of Musical Structure (IDyOM-2)
Prof Mark Plumbley, Prof Mark Sander and Dr Samer Abdallah at Queen Mary; Prof Geraint Wiggins, Dr Joydeep Bhattacharya, Keith Potter and Dr Marcus Pearce at Goldsmiths, University of London.
EPSRC Grants EP/H013059/1, EP/H01294X/1, £1,049,131 total, £286,079 to Queen Mary, 2010-2013.

Linked Music Metadata
Dr Simon Dixon, Prof Mark Sandler
JISC Grant REPDE001, £94,894, 2010-2011.

SMALL: Sparse Models, Algorithms, and Learning for Large-scale data
Prof Mark Plumbley
EU FET-Open Project FP7-ICT-225913, €1.8m total, €388k to Queen Mary, 2009-2012.

Platform Grant: Centre for Digital Music
Dr Mark Plumbley, Dr Josh Reiss, Prof Mark Sandler, Dr Pat Healey and Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns
EPSRC Grant EP/E045235/1, £1.2m fEC, £1,057,355 to Queen Mary, 2007-2012.

Collaborative Cross Modal Interfaces
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns and Dr Tony Stockman
EPSRC Grant EP/H042865/1 (Research in the Wild), £230,927, 2010-2012

Musicology for the masses
Dr Simon Dixon and Prof Mark Sandler
Partners: BBC, British Library
EPSRC Grant EP/I001832/1 (Research in the Wild), £250,102, 2010-2012

3D Audio Interface for Exploration of Audio Collections
Prof Mark Sander and Dr Panos Kudumakis
EPSRC Grant EP/H008160/1 (Follow-on Funding), £83,127, 2010-2011.

OMRAS2: A Distributed Research Environment for Music Informatics and Computational Musicology
Prof Mark Sandler, Dr Mark Plumbley and Dr Samer Abdallah at Queen Mary, with Dr Michael Casey and Tim Crawford at Goldsmiths College, London
EPSRC Grant EP/E017614/1, £2.5m fEC, £1,451,161 to Queen Mary, 2007-2010.

Computer aided analysis tool for evaluating evidence of music therapy treatment with neuro-rehabilitation patients
Dr Josh Reiss at Queen Mary, with Elaine Streeter at University of York (PI) and
Mid-Yorkshire NHS Trust
White Rose Health Innovation Partnership: Proof of Concept Fund

EASAIER: Enabling Access to Sound Archives through Integration, Enrichment and Retrieval
Dr Josh Reiss and Dr Mark Plumbley at Queen Mary, plus 6 partners across Europe
EU Project FP6-IST-033902, €2.1m total, €500k to Queen Mary, 2006-2009

DIET: Dialogue Experimentation Tool
Dr Pat Healey
EPSRC Grant EP/D057426/1, £178,525, 2006-2009

Extended Theory and Design of High-order Sigma-Delta Modulators
Dr Josh Reiss at Queen Mary, with Valeri Mladenov of TU-Sofia
Royal Society (International Joint Project), £11990, 2006 - 2008

Sparse Representations for Signal Processing and Coding
Dr Mike Davies and Dr Mark Plumbley
EPSRC Grant EP/D000246/1, £282,902, 2005-2008

ICA Research Network (
[Blind Source Separation and Independent Component Analysis Network]
Dr Mark Plumbley at Queen Mary plus researchers at 26 other UK institutions.
EPSRC Grant EP/C005554/1, £62,058, 2005-2008

Galileo Advanced Concepts
Dr Josh Reiss at Queen Mary, plus 15 partners across Europe.
Galileo Joint Undertaking, €177,000, 2005-2007

Techniques and Algorithms for Understanding the Information Dynamics of Music
Dr Mark Plumbley and Prof Mark Sandler at Queen Mary, with Prof Geraint Wiggins and Dr Michael Casey at Goldsmiths College, London.
EPSRC Grant GR/S82213/01, £184,965 to Queen Mary, 2005-2008.

Advanced Subband Systems for Audio Source Separation
Dr Mark Plumbley, Dr Mike Davies and Prof Mark Sandler.
EPSRC Grant GR/S85900/01, £176,431, 2004-2008

Object-based Coding of Musical Audio
Dr Mark Plumbley and Prof Mark Sandler at Queen Mary.
EPSRC Grant GR/S75802/01, £202,353, 2004-2007.

Hierarchical Segmentation & Semantic Markup of Musical Signals
Prof Mark Sandler at Queen Mary, with Dr Michael Casey and Prof Geraint Wiggins at Goldsmiths College, London.
EPSRC Grant GR/S84743/01, £195,075 to Queen Mary, 2004-2007.

LeonadoNet Project
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns
University of York, £2100, 2005-2006

Engaging Collaborations
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns
EPSRC Grant GR/S81414/01, £108,704, 2004-2006

SIMAC: Semantic Interaction with Music Audio Contents
Prof Mark Sandler Dr Juan Bello and Dr Mark Plumbley at Queen Mary. Partners: UPF (Spain), ÖFAI (Austria), Matrix Data (UK), Philips Research (Netherlands).
EU Grant FP6-IST-507142, €2,982,921 total, £219,000 to Queen Mary, 2004-2006

Mobile Jamming
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns
EPSRC Grant EP/D502896/1, £32,600, 2005-2006

Signal Processing on the DSD Bitstream
Dr Josh Reiss
Nuffield Foundation, £5,000, 2004-2006

Estimation of Melody from Audio using Harmonic and Rhythmic Information
Dr Mark Plumbley and Dr Juan Bello at Queen Mary, Dr Matija Marolt at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Royal Society (International Incoming Short Visit), £3,253, 2005

Digital Music Research Network []
Dr Mark Plumbley, Dr Mike Davies and Prof Mark Sandler at Queen Mary, plus researchers at several other UK institutions.
EPSRC Grant GR/R64810/01, "Music Processing Network" £61,794, 2003-2005
EPSRC Final Assessment: Outstanding.

Mobile Group Music Collaboration
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns
Chevening Technology Enterprise Scholarship (CTES), £12,500, 2004-2005

Automatic Polyphonic Music Transcription Using Multiple Cause Models and Independent Component Analysis
EPSRC Grant GR/R54620/01, £124,946, 2002-2004
Dr Mark Plumbley, Dr Mike Davies and Prof Mark Sandler
EPSRC Final Assessment: Outstanding.

SAVANT: Synchronised and scalable Audio Video content Across NeTworks
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns
EU FP5-IST-2001-34814, € 3,5m (€392,451 to group), 2002-2004

Travel Grant
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns
Royal Society, £736, 2002-2003

Mixed Mode Communications
Dr Pat Healey
AVAYA, £95,906, 2001 - 2003

MAGIC: Multimodality and graphics in interactive communication
A PACCIT (People at the Centre of Commication and IT) project
Dr Pat Healey
ESRC Grant L328 25 3003, £265472, 2000 - 2003

Bit-Flipping Sigma-Delta Modulation
Prof Mark Sandler
EPSRC Grant GR/M61429/01,02 £180,080, 2000-2003

High Quality Audio Coding
Prof Mark Sandler
EU Marie Curie Fellowship HPMF-CT-2000-00917 €106,872, 2001-2003

Information and noise in ICA for music
Dr Mark Plumbley
Leverhulme Trust (Study Abroad Fellowship) RF&G/10214, £12,020, 2002

Linear Signal Processing in the Wavelet Domain
Prof Mark Sandler
EPSRC ROPA GR/M86491/01,02 £107,647 2000-2002

OMRAS: Online music recognition and searching
Prof Mark Sandler
NSF/JISC Digital Libraries Initiative £90,000, 1999-2002

SAMBITS: System for Advanced Multimedia Broadcast & IT Services
Dr Pat Healey
EU IST-1999-12605, €2,840,000 (€233,000 to group), 1999-2001

Digital Audio Effects (DAFx)
Prof Mark Sandler
EU COST Action G6, 1997-2001

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