Centre for Digital Music

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Academic Staff & Fellows

Prof Mark Plumbley Director
Prof Mark Sandler Chief Scientist
Dr Mathieu Barthet Lecturer
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns Reader in Interaction Design
Prof Elaine Chew Professor
Dr Simon Dixon Reader
Dr Gyorgy Fazekas Lecturer
Prof Pat Healey Professor
Dr Matthias Mauch RAEng Research Fellow, Lecturer
Dr Andrew McPherson Senior Lecturer
Dr Marcus Pearce Lecturer
Dr Matthew Purver Senior Lecturer
Dr Joshua D Reiss Reader in Audio Engineering
Dr Andrew Robertson RAEng/EPSRC Research Fellow
Dr Dan Stowell EPSRC Research Fellow
Dr Tony Stockman Senior Lecturer
Prof Geraint Wiggins Professor
Prof Laurent Daudet Visiting Senior Lecturer
Simon Davidmann Visiting Professor
Prof Steven Downie Visiting Professor
Peter Langley Visiting Professorial Fellow
Martyn Ware Visiting Professorial Fellow

Research Manager

Dr Panos Kudumakis Music Rights Management & Standardisation

Research Staff

Dr Samer Abdallah Techniques and Algorithms for Understanding the Information Dynamics of Music
Dr Gerard Briscoe Digital Culture
Chris Cannam Sustainable Software for Audio and Music Research
Dr Sebastian Ewert
Fiore Martin Design Patterns for Inclusive Collaboration (DePIC)
Brandon Mechtley Acoustic Analysis Tools for Sound Archives
Dr Oussama Metatla Design Patterns for Inclusive Collaboration (DePIC)
Dr Adam Stark Measuring and Enhancing Expressive Musical Performance with Digital Instruments

Research Students

Tian Cheng Multi-instrument Music Transcription using Non-negative Matrix Decomposition Methods and Physical Models
Magdalena Chudy Music Performer Recognition Using Timbre Features
Brecht De Man Semantic Mixing of Multitrack Audio
Liam Donovan
Henrik Ekeus Applying Models of Perception and Cognition to the Design of Artistic Generative Systems
Peter Foster Audio-based Music Structure Analysis and Prediction
Ken O'Hanlon
Audio-visual analysis
Steven Hargreaves
Structural Segmentation of Multitrack Audio
Fabio Hedayioglu DigiScope
Christian Heinrichs
Simon Hendry  
Katerina Kosta Mathematical models for musical performance analysis
Duncan Menzies
Maria Panteli Signal Processing and Data Mining Tools for the Analysis of Musical Evolution
Laurel Pardue
Siddharth Sigtia Deep learning
Yading Song Music Recommendation
Mi Tian  
Robert Tubb  
Bogdan Vera Predictive virtual cues for network music performance
Yonghao Wang
Intelligent Audio Consoles
Sonia Wilkie Perceived Motion in Space
Thomas Wilmering
Luwei Yang  
Asterios Zacharakis

Visiting Researchers

Dr Roland Badeau [Institut Mines-Télécom, Télécom ParisTech, CNRS LTCI]
Dr Bryan Pardo [Northwestern University]
Dr Bob Sturm [Aalborg University Copenhagen]

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