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C4DM at ICMPC 2023

From 24 to 28 August, several C4DM researchers will participate in the 17th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC 2023).

Below is a list of all the contributions authored or co-authored by C4DM members:

  • Analysing the Gendering of Music in Toy Commercials via Mid-level Perceptual Features by Luca Marinelli, and Charalampos Saitis

  • Exploring the Role of Audio and Lyrics in Explaining Moral Worldviews by Vjosa Preniqi, Kyriaki Kalimeri, and Charalampos Saitis

  • Evolution of Moral Valence in Lyrics Over Time by Vjosa Preniqi, Kyriaki Kalimeri, Andreas Kaltenbrunner, and Charalampos Saitis

  • Modelling the perception of large-scale order in music by Edward Hall and Marcus Pearce

  • The Billboard Melodic Music Dataset and Trajectories in Western Pop Music by Madeline Hamilton and Marcus Pearce

  • Informational constraints and trade-offs in melodies across cultures by John McBride, Marcus Pearce and Tsvi Tlusty

  • The Cultural Distance Hypothesis and its Impact on Melodic Perception by Mathias Klarlund, Elvira Brattico, Yi Du, Marcus Pearce, Peter Vuust, Morten Overgaard and Yiyang Wu

  • Predictive processes shape the relation between groove and syncopation by Tomas Matthews, Jonathan Cannon, Victor Pando-Naude, Jan Stupacher, Isaac Romkey, Thomas Kaplan, Gunvor Bertelsen, Alexandre Celma Miralles, Virginia Penhune and Peter Vuust

The following symposia are co-organised by C4DM members:

  • Symposium: Predictions in Music: Neurocognitive Insights and Computational Approaches by Vincent Cheung, Peter Harrison, Psyche Loui, Marcus Pearce and Daniela Sammler

  • Symposium: Modelling rhythm perception beyond the beat by Atser Damsma, Fleur Bouwer, Lauren Fink, Jonathan Cannon, Keith Doelling, Jessica Grahn, Henkjan Honing and Thomas Kaplan

Happy ICMPCing!

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