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C4DM at ISMIR 2022

On 4-8 December 2022, several C4DM researchers will participate at the 23rd International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2022). ISMIR is the leading conference in the field of music informatics, and is currently the top-cited publication for Music & Musicology (source: Google Scholar). This year ISMIR will take place in Bengaluru, India, and online.

As in previous years, the Centre for Digital Music will have a strong presence at the conference, both in terms of numbers and overall impact.

In the Technical Programme, the following papers are authored/co-authored by C4DM members:

On Tutorials, C4DM PhD students Christian Steinmetz, Soumya Vanka, and Gary Bromham, along with C4DM PhD alumnus Marco Martínez, will be giving a tutorial on "Deep learning for automatic mixing".

On Special Sessions:

On the Late-breaking/Demo (LBD) session, the following extended abstracts are authored/co-authored by C4DM members:

See you at ISMIR!

(30th November 2022)

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