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C4DM at ISMIR 2021

On 8-12 November 2021, several C4DM researchers will participate at the 22nd International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2021). ISMIR is the leading conference in the field of music informatics, and is currently the top-cited publication for Music & Musicology (source: Google Scholar).

As in previous years, the Centre for Digital Music will have a strong presence at the conference, both in terms of numbers and overall impact.

In the Technical Programme, the following papers are authored/co-authored by C4DM members:

In the Late Breaking Demos track, the following extended abstract is authored/co-authored by C4DM members:

For the MIREX 2021 public evaluations, C4DM PhD student Emir Demirel is co-captain for the Automatic Lyrics Transcription task.

As part of the ISMIR 2021 Lab Showcases, the Centre for Digital Music will be featured at the session.

Finally on conference organisation, C4DM PhD student Lele Liu is coordinating the ISMIR 2021 Lab Showcases; C4DN PhD student Elona Shatri is chairing the ISMIR Newcomer Initiative & Diversity and Inclusion; and C4DM PhD students Yixiao Zhang and Huan Zhang are volunteers for the conference.

See you at ISMIR!

(1st November 2021)

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