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C4DM at IJCNN 2021

On 18-22 July 2021, C4DM researchers will participate virtually at the IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2021), the flagship conference of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and the International Neural Network Society.

As in previous years, the Centre for Digital Music will have a strong presence at the conference. The following papers authored/co-authored by C4DM members will be presented at IJCNN 2021:

  • MusCaps: Generating Captions for Music Audio
    Ilaria Manco, Emmanouil Benetos, Elio Quinton and Gyorgy Fazekas

  • A Modulation Front-End for Music Audio Tagging
    Cyrus Vahidi, Charalampos Saitis and Gyorgy Fazekas

  • Revisiting the Onsets and Frames Model with Additive Attention
    Kin Wai Cheuk, Yin-Jyun Luo, Emmanouil Benetos and Dorien Herremans

(12 July 2021)

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