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C4DM Seminar: Sarah Anne Sauvé - Latest data on musical emotion and relative salience in polyphonic music projects

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Date and Time
Wednesday, 31th May 2017, at 4:00pm

Room GC 101, Graduate Centre, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS. Information on how to access the school can be found at

Sarah Anne Sauvé

Latest data on musical emotion and relative salience in polyphonic music projects

I will present two recent projects in this talk. The first concerns musical emotion, where we examine musical expectations as a potential mechanism for emotion induction. Ratings of expectancy and emotion (arousal/valence) were collected for 32 pieces of music with either predictable pitch and onset, unpredictable pitch and onset, or both combinations of the two. Using cross-sectional time-series analysis, we find that pitch and onset predictability, as measured by IDyOM, successfully predicts all types of ratings. The second project concerns relative salience in polyphonic music, where two studies test the hypothesis that salience is proportional to information content. By collecting complexity ratings on the same stimuli used in a same-different discrimination task, we show that information content is proportional to subjective complexity and observe qualitative evidence that complexity is in turn proportional to salience.

Sarah is a PhD student in the Music Cognition Lab under the supervision of Dr. Marcus Pearce. Her research interests include expectation, attention, auditory scene analysis and the effects of musical training on perception.

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