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C4DM at the Audio Developer Conference

Last week saw the 2016 Audio Developer Conference - previously JUCE Summit - at Goldsmiths. Organised by ROLI and its recent acquisition JUCE, the conference doubled in size since last year's inaugural edition, and consisted of four presentation tracks and four keynotes.

With three presentations and half a dozen delegates, C4DM's presence was particularly strong. On top of that, two out of four prizes for the best presentations were taken home by C4DM PhD students.

  • Giulio Moro and Andrew McPherson presented "Bela: hard real-time, low latency audio and sensor processing on a Linux embedded board" [website] - Most inspiring talk
  • Brecht De Man presented "Web Audio Evaluation Tool: A framework for subjective assessment of audio" (N. Jillings, B. De Man, D. Moffat, J. D. Reiss and R. Stables) [github | soundsoftware] - Best poster
  • Lucas Mengual presented "Modal Synthesis of Weapon Sounds" (L. Mengual, D. Moffat and J. D. Reiss) [soundsoftware]

David Ronan was awarded a sponsorship by the Google Sponsorship program, allowing inspiring individuals to attend the Audio Developer Conference.

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