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140th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society in Paris, France

4th to 7th June 2016

Dave Moffat

Last weekend saw the 140th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society — Europe’s largest gathering of audio professionals from around the globe, take place at Paris’ Palais des Congrès. From cutting edge research to fundamentals to practical application, the four-day technical program brings the opportunity to network with and learn from leading audio industry luminaries. Special events — including technical tours of premier production facilities and installs, student focused sessions and a 3 day manufacturer exposition round out the Convention. There was a particular focus on 3D and immersive audio at this Convention.

A handful of C4DM delegates (Joshua D. Reiss, Brecht De Man, Joshua Mycroft and Dave Moffat) were each involved in multiple sessions.

Paper Highlights

C. Hollomey et al, "Using Phase Information to Improve the Reconstruction Accuracy in Sinusoidal Modeling"

C. Woolf, "Characterization and Measurement of Wind Noise around Microphones"

E. Grais et al, "Single-Channel Audio Source Separation Using Deep Neural Network Ensembles"

J. Mycroft, T. Stockman, J. D. Reiss, "Visual Information Search in Digital Audio Workstations"

F. Becker et al, "Stereo Panning Law Remastering Algorithm Based on Spatial Analysis"

K. Tsumoto, A. Marui and T. Kamekawa, "The Difference in Perceptual Attributes for the Distortion Timbre of the Electric Guitar between Guitar Players and Non-Guitar Players"

C. DeVane and G. Bunkheila, "Automatically Generating VST Plugins from MATLAB Code"

A full list of papers with abstracts is avaliable on the Convention Website

Workshops and tutorials

Workshop W3: "Perceptual Evaluation of High Resolution Audio" (Joshua D. Reiss, Queen Mary University of London - London, UK (chair), George Massenburg, Schulich School of Music, McGill University - Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT) - Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Bob Schulein, RBS Consultants / ImmersAV Technology - Schaumburg, IL, USA Thomas Sporer, Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT - Ilmenau, Germany, J. Robert Stuart, MQA Ltd. - Huntingdon, UK; Meridian Audio Ltd)

Workshop W12: "Perceptual Evaluation Interface Design" (Brecht De Man Queen Mary University of London - London, UK(chair), Jan Berg, Luleå University of Technology - Piteå, Sweden, Sean Olive, Harman International - Northridge, CA, USA)

Other events

Brecht De Man and Dave Moffat were responsible for the organisation of the entire Student and Career Development track as the Chair and Vice Chair of the Student Delegate Assembly (Europe and International Regions). These events include a student party (this edition at Abbey Road Institute, Paris), Student Recording Competition, Student Design Competition, and a very successful edition of the Education and Career Fair.

At the end of the convention, Brecht De Man stepped down, and Dave Moffat has now succeeded him as the Chair of the Student Delegate Assembly (Europe and International Regions).


High Resolution Audio Technical Committee: Josh

Education Committee: Dave and Brecht

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