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C4DM Visits UPF and Hangar in Barcelona

This past March a group of students and academics from C4DM visited the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona to take part in the Doctoral Student Workshop held by the Department of Information and Communication Technologies

The following posters were presented from C4DM: Doing it Wrong: Towards an understanding of the roles of error, risk and fiasco in DMI design for performance by Astrid Bin Measuring Affective, Physiological and Behavioural Differences in Solo, Competitive and Collaborative Games by Daniel Gabana Arellano Intelligent Machine Music Listening: An Experimental Approach by Francisco Rodríguez-Algarra Automatic Machine Transcription of Wildlife Bird Sound Scenes by Gnostothea-Veroniki Morfi Automatic Expressive Feature Analysis by Luwei Yang Automatic detection of outliers in world music collections by Maria Panteli Physically-Musically Inspired Probabilistic Models for Audio Content Analysis by Pablo A. Alvarado Building self-contained digital musical instruments with active tactile feedback using Bela embedded audio platform by Robert Jack Robust and Efficient Joint Alignment of Multiple Musical Performances by Siying Wang

A list of the all the posters presented on the day can be seen on the event website.

After the morning poster session, the group got a chance to see the latest research the Music Technology Group including designs of new musical instruments, analysis techniques for non-Western music, and computer-assisted monitoring of a musician's movements during performance.

A group of three students and two academics also had the chance to visit Hangar, an arts centre in Barcelona. Marta Garcia, the Director of the Research Programmes, showed the group around the making facilities, studios, video editing suite, and audio synth studio.

Photo of entrance to Hangar

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