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C4DM is awarded four prizes for public engagement and enterprise

The winners of the QMUL Engagement and Enterprise Awards 2015 were announced on 9th November. Four C4DM projects were award winners!

  • Dr Josh Reiss won the Academic Commercial Enterprise award for LandR, an online service that performs automatic mastering of your music tracks using intelligent signal analysis.

  • Dr Dan Stowell and Florence Wilkinson won the Involve award for Warblr, a smartphone app that automatically recognises birds from a simple sound recording. The award recognised the "citizen science" benefit of Warblr, involving the public in collecting audio observations of birds to improve conservation and research.

  • A team led by Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns, Dr Ben Bengler and Dr Wei Wang (Hunan University) won the Inspire award, recognising their highly innovative cocreation and Interactive Art project. The project was called "Kam's Romeo & Juliet: Co-creating Interactive Drama Across Cultures", and involved a large team of collaborators working together.

  • Dr Andrew McPherson won the Entrepreneur of the Year award for TouchKeys, a system to add touch sensitivity to the surface of any piano-style keyboard. After two successful production runs, TouchKeys is spinning out from QMUL into an independent company.

The DePIC team led by Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns and Dr Tony Stockman were also finalists, for their accessible peak meter project, which developed a tool that makes music production easier for people with visual impairments.

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