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C4DM organises Audio and Music Hackathon

C4DM is organising a hackathon! The supporting academics are Josh Reiss and Andrew McPherson, with more C4DM members volunteering. You can sign up now on this Eventbrite page. We've included the most significant information below, and updates will be shared via the Eventbrite page. We hope to see you there!

What is the Audio and Music Hackathon?

This is a hacking session in which participants will conceptualize, create and present their projects. Anything goes as long as its music and/or audio related.

What's the format?

This is a standard hackathon format with a few twists. Its during the day on Saturday and Sunday, not 24 consecutive hours. It all ends with a showcase event, and prizes will be awarded by our sponsors.

Harman will provide some very cool hackable wireless loudspeaker systems, and we’ll also provide hackable instruments based on the BeagleBone.


It will take place in the Media and Arts Technology Studios within the Engineering Building at Queen Mary University of London.


The Audio and Music Hackathon will take place the weekend of July 18th-19th, from 11am to 7pm, Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, it will start with an introduction to the event, and it will end on Sunday with presentations and awards. In the evening of both days we may have additional events, to be announced.

Check back for more details later.

Who are the sponsors and partners?

Harman is the main sponsor. Abbey Road Red (the innovation division of Abbey Road Studios), Big Bear Audio and the Audio Engineering Society are also partnering and supporting the event.. Harman are providing lots of cool, hackable kit, and food. And both Harman, Abbey Road Red and Big Bear Audio are also providing prizes and/or additional kit. Spnsors and partners will also support evening events.

Is it free?

Completely free, but you have to register. Lunch and more will be provided. Transport is up to you though.

Any acceptance criteria?

Nope. All are welcome, from the experienced hacker to the newbie wannabe. Registration may close early though if demand is high.

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