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News How-To

C4DM MEMBERS: here's how to contribute a news item:

  1. Make sure you're logged in to Github
  2. Visit
  3. Where it says "Name your file" use a filename like this:

(with the desired date, and the desired headline such as "Great Thing Happens" in this example)

If you have permission you can directly save it. If not, github will create a "Pull Request" which one of the C4DM site maintainers will check and merge in.

To create a pull request, once you have written your news item and named it as above (do not forget the news. prefix!), you first have to click on "Propose new file". Then, on the following page, you have to click "Create pull request". Only then will it be registered as a pull request and one of the C4DM site maintainers can approve it and merge it in.

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