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Sonic Interaction Design

The Sonic Interaction Design Lab at the Centre for Digital Music explores through new ways of encountering sound from interactive art to real time data sonification. Sonic Interaction Design is about designing and evaluating interactive systems that prioritise sound over vision.

This is especially important in the post-screen world we live in (Bryan-Kinns, 2017) where the pervasive, affective, and co-temporal features of sound contribute to the design of: Mobile and wearable interaction System for creative, expressive, artistic interaction Tangible and physical interaction i.e. objects which do not have screens Internet of Things e.g. smart appliances such as Alexa Eyes-free interaction e.g. whilst attending to another task such as driving Accessible interaction

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Dr Mathieu Barthet
Senior Lecturer in Digital Media
Music information research, Internet of musical things, Extended reality, New interfaces for musical expression, Semantic audio, Music perception (timbre, emotions), Audience-Performer interaction, Participatory art
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns
Professor of Interaction Design. Visiting Professor of Interaction Design, Hunan University, China. Turing Fellow.
Interaction Design with Audio #IDwA. Interactive Art, Interactive Music, Interactive Sonification. Design, Evaluation. Collaboration, Multi-person Interaction. Cross-Modal Interaction, Tangible Interaction.
Corey FordArtificial Intelligence for Supporting Musical Creativity and Engagement in Child-Computer Interaction
Max GrafPERFORM-AI (Provide Extended Realities for Musical Performance using AI)
Prof Pat Healey
Professor of Human Interaction, Turing Fellow
Dr Yuanyuan LiuProject: Digital Platforms for Craft in the UK and China
Ashley Noel-HirstLatent Spaces for Human-AI music generation
Dr Tony Stockman
Senior Lecturer
Interaction Design, auditory displays, Data Sonification, Collaborative Systems, Cross-modal Interaction, Assistive Technology, Accessibility
Elizabeth WilsonCo-creative Algorithmic Composition Based on Models of Affective Response

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