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Interactional Sound and Music

Interactional - capable of acting on or influencing each other

The Interactional Sound and Music group in the Centre for Digital Music explores new ways of encountering sound from interactive art to real time data sonification.

We ask questions such as: How do we design and create engaging interactive soundscapes? What encourages collective action with, and through sound? Does music make the world go round? Can data be sonified beautifully and intuitively? How can algorithms improvise with us in real-time? What do people understand of our new forms of musical expression. How does technology change the music making process? Can we sense the imperceptible? What do diagrams sound like?

For more information, please visit the ISAM group webpage


Dr Mathieu Barthet
Lecturer in Digital Media
Music information research, Internet of musical things, Extended reality, New interfaces for musical expression, Semantic audio, Music perception (timbre, emotions), Audience-Performer interaction, Participatory art
Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns
Reader in Interaction Design. Visiting Professor of Interaction Design, Hunan University, China.
Interaction Design with Audio #IDwA. Interactive Art, Interactive Music, Interactive Sonification. Design, Evaluation. Collaboration, Multi-person Interaction. Cross-Modal Interaction, Tangible Interaction.
Prof Pat Healey
Professor of Human Interaction
Dr Yuanyuan LiuProject: Digital Platforms for Craft in the UK and China
Michael McloughlinAnimal behaviour, animal welfare, cetacean culture, agent based modelling, audio signal processing
Liang Men
Dr Rebecca Stewart
Wearable computing, auditory display, spatial audio, electronic textiles, tangible interfaces, textile sensors
Dr Tony Stockman
Senior Lecturer
Interaction Design, auditory displays, Data Sonification, Collaborative Systems, Cross-modal Interaction, Assistive Technology, Accessibility
Yongmeng Wu

PhD Study - interested in joining the team? We are currently accepting PhD applications.

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