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Transient Modification

Markus Zaunschirm, Anssi Klapuri and Joshua D. Reiss

The transient modifier is a type of audio effect which attempts to change the level of the transient parts in a musical signal while leaving the steady state parts unchanged. This paper presents a high performance transient detection and modification algorithm, capable of modifying transients in polyphonic or multi-voiced signals, and capable of modifying both hard (percussive) and soft (non-percussive) transients. The detection and modification are performed in the Fourier domain using a sub band approach. Detection is based on both phase and energy information using an adaptive threshold. Various transient detection functions, based on existing onset detection functions, are compared and real-time implementation issues are discussed. Subjective evaluation in the form of MUSHRA-style (Multi Stimulus test with Hidden reference) listening tests are used to compare the performance of the sub-band approach against other transient modification algorithms.

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The listening test data